Saturday, March 5, 2016

Leela group scion Amruda Nair starts hospitality brand in Qatar

Amruda Nair, granddaughter of Leela Hotels founder Captain Krishna Nair has recently signed a joint venture with Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani, chairman of Al Sawari Holding to launch Aiana Hotels & Resorts, Nair's own hospitality brand in Qatar. The new joint venture company Aiana Hotels & Resorts L.L.C will be the first Asian-inspired hotel in Qatar and represent a hospitality brand of high-end luxury hotels, resorts and serviced apartments in the Middle East, Indian Sub-Continent and South East Asia. The joint venture brings together the resources and entrepreneurial skills of Al Thani, who is also the chairman Qatari Business Association, with the hospitality expertise of Nair, herself a third generation hotelier. “Given the long standing relationship between Qatar and India, there is great synergy in the similar way that we travel. This is why we want to bring Aiana as a new lifestyle hotel brand to the Middle East and will continue to support Aiana through our ambitious expansion plans for acquisitions in key destinations starting with the property in Doha with many more to follow in Western Europe (London) and US,” Al Thani said at the launch. “With the launch of Aiana Hotels and Resorts, I am delighted to be introducing a brand I am confident will become the preferred choice of travellers seeking authentic and immersive experiences that will stay with them long after they have checked out. I was fortunate to meet Sheikh Faisal who shared my passion for hospitality and supported my dreams and ambitions of creating an Indian brand with a global presence. Our service, design, and operating philosophy is geared to exceed the expectations of a new generation of savvy travellers. We call it Hospitality 2.0,” Nair said. Aaina Hotels will start with a hotel in Doha, Qatar, and has plans to eventually manage five hotels in India and an equal number elsewhere

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