Monday, January 30, 2017

Cafe Coffee Day launches range of six burgers in international flavours

International Burger Carnival is the new addition to Cafe Coffee Day’s (CCD) menu. It comprises six burgers - three vegetarian and three non-vegetarian - in international flavours. Patrons will be served two burgers per plate, and the price starts from Rs 110. The vegetarian options include Afghan-e-Paneer, Egyptian Falafel and American Crispy. Afghan-E-Paneer comprises Afghani paneer tikka grilled in butter masala with cheese, onion and lettuce layers in a peri-peri seasoned bun. Egyptian Falafel comprises a falafel patty with mozzarella cheese and hummus set in a bun with peri-peri seasoning. American Crispy comprises a vegetarian patty with cheese. It is served with red onions, lettuce and chilli salsa, topped with nacho chips in a seasoned bun. The non-vegetarian sliders include African Pepper Chicken, Egyptian Roast and American Classic. African Pepper Chicken is a burger comprises chicken cubes in a pepper sauce, topped with red onions and lettuce. Egyptian Roast is a roast chicken burger with mozzarella cheese, onions and mayonnaise. It is wrapped in a hot bun. American Classic comprises a bun filled with a chicken patty, lettuce, onions and mayonnaise. Venu Madhav, chief executive officer, Coffee Day Global Limited, said, “CCD lovers know how we strive to create experiences that are both delicious and delightful. After the successful launch of winter beverages, Magical Brews, it is food that takes centrestage at CCD.” “With the youth’s love for burgers, which is gaining popularity, we bring to them International Burger Carnival, a range of scrumptious burgers in authentic international flavours,” he added. “Whether its the Egyptian Felafel or the spicy African Pepper Chicken or the Afghan-E-Paneer, every preparation is crafted to exemplify a unique taste. We are sure the young customers of CCD will enjoy our latest offerings,” Madhav said. Source: www.f&

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