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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Facility Planning - Principles of Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the heart of any foodservice business.
Like a human heart, its job is to pump and circulate life, in the form of food, through the rest of the operation. Therefore, kitchen placement affects the quality of the food, the number of people who can dine at any particular time of day, the roles and workload of the kitchen employees and servers, utility costs, and even the atmosphere of the front-of-house space.

Design refers to overall space planning; it defines the size, shape, style, and decoration of space and equipment in the kitchen.
Layout is the detailed arrangement of the kitchen floor and workspace—where each piece of equipment will be located and where each workstation will be.

Work center is an area in which workers perform a specific task, such as tossing salads or garnishing plates. When several work centers are grouped together by nature of the work being done, the whole area is referred to as a  work section. Eg: cooking section, baking section, etc.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Proost69 Beer launches in Delhi

Grano69 Beverages has announced the launch of its beer offering, the Proost69 White Ale in September followed by Proost69 Mild Lager in December. The brand has set its foot in Delhi with outlets like 100% Rock, Warehouse Café, The Beer Café, The Lord of the Drinks and more.  

The first two variants introduced by Proost69 are the Proost69 White Ale and Proost69 Mild Lager. The company is introducing Proost69 Weizen Beer and Proost69 Strong Lager. 

Tarun Bhargava, The Co-founder and director of Proost69, said “We, at Proost69, are excited to announce the launch of a beer with a taste so elite yet affordable filled with freshness and uniqueness. With our focus on providing and maintaining the top-notch quality, our flavour balances are just enough to create magic. All that goodness with supreme European craftsmanship is a level-up in itself.” said Bhargava.

Proost 69 White Ale and Mild Lager available in Delhi are priced at INR 170 per pint and at INR 150 for a 500ML can.


White Owl launches Bottled Beer in Delhi

Mumbai-based Microbrewery White Owl launched its bottled craft beer in Delhi. After the introduction of its craft beer in Bottles & Cans in Mumbai, Pune, Goa and Bengaluru last year, White Owl finally made its way to north, launching its top-selling brews – ‘Spark,’ a Belgian Wit with Summery Orange-Citrus notes and ‘Diablo,’ an Irish Red Ale, loved for its Roast Caramel finish – in Bottles in Delhi.  

White Owl will also introduce its beer in Cans in Delhi shortly. Ace, its Apple Cider Ale (also the only locally-bottled Cider Ale available in India today) and Spike, its Strong German Wheat Beer are also expected to launch in Delhi in the first half of 2019. Bottles of Spark and Diablo are now available over 250 locations across Delhi. 

Javed Murad, Founder of White Owl said, “White Owl is at an exciting stage of its journey with a series of new developments that we are thrilled to announce soon. Our launch in Delhi is our first foray into North India and we remain committed to taking our award-winning brews to many more markets to cater to the growing demand for top quality premium beer across India.”

White Owl has launched Spark at an MRP of INR 110 and Diablo at INR 130, per 325ml bottle respectively.


Heritage Food Diary

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