Friday, October 9, 2009


1.Spätburgunder: The forefather of the burgundy wines. Dark red colour with delicate aroma. Typical is a taste that reminds of blackcurrant or blackberry. These noble wines are good with game, poultry, paté de fois gras, pasta and pizza. The colour stays in the berry involucres and creates, therefore, a salmon-coloured fresh wine that is especially consumed in summer.
2.Trollinger: Southern Tyrol is the original homeland of the Trollinger from where the name is derived from. Today, it is almost exclusively cultivated in Wurttemberg. A light and fruity wine that varies in its colour between salmon-red and ruby-red. A good Trollinger tastes juicy and is served lightly cooled.
3.Muskattrollinger: Fruity, bright red wine with distinctive nutmeg aroma. Rare speciality, good with Hors d’oeuvres and desserts.
4.Lemberger (Blaufrankisch): a warm and aromatic wine. The colour is a glowing ruby-red with some brown reflections. Powerful red wine, one of the most noble types.
5.Dornfelder: Deep purple, dense colour. Noble red wine with a full body and full aroma and flavour. Excellent for the production in small wooden barrels (barrique).
6.Samtrot: A natural mutation of the black Riesling. Ruby-red to dark red colour. Velvety taste, warm and full bodied.


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