Monday, May 17, 2010


A bottle of Lindeman's Framboise Lambic.Framboise (from the French word for raspberry) or Frambozenbier (Dutch) is a Belgian lambic beer that is fermented using raspberries. It is one of many modern fruitbeer types that have been inspired by the more traditional kriek beer, made using sour cherries.

Widely available in bars and pubs, these unique beers are usually served in a small glass that resembles a champagne class, only shorter. It has a sweet taste, with an aftertaste of "weak beer". This style is gradually becoming more common outside of Belgium; in many "posh" bars in Britain, you can now find raspberry and cherry flavoured-beer available in bottles, and occasionally even on tap. Some Belgian restaurants in North American and Europe also serve this beer. It can also be commonly found in supermarkets located in England, such as Sainsbury, ASDA, or Oddbins.


Rasberry syrup, all natural
No additives
2 sizes available
Imported from France
Many flavors available

Product Description

Product Description
All natural strawberry syrup in an old-fashioned glass bottle (very decorative when empty, use for something else). Use this syrup in drinks, as a dessert topping, add to soda water for a refreshing lemonade, and of course use to make flavored ices. Manufactured in Morteau in the purest tradition, these syrups are made with natural extracts of fruits and plants. Their conservation is ensured thanks to the quantity of dissolved sugar of 800 grams per Liter.

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