Thursday, May 27, 2010


Restaurant Manager is responsible for directing and
supervising all activities pertaining to employee relation, food
production, sanitation, guest service and operating profits. The
restaurant manager is either the coffee shop manager, bar manager
or the specialist restaurant manager. The restaurant manager
reports directly to the food and beverage manager and has overall
responsibility for the organisation and administration of a particular
outlet or a section of the food and beverage service department. The
restaurant manager's job includes:
i) Setting and monitoring the standards of service in the outlets.
ii) Administrative duties such as setting duty charts, granting leave,
monitoring staff positions, recommending staff promotions and
handling issues relating to discipline.
iii) Training the staff by conducting a daily briefing in the outlet.
iv) Playing a vital role in public relations, meeting guests in the
outlets and attending to guest complaints, if any.
v) Formulating the sales and expenditure budget for the outlet.
vi) Planning food festivals to increase the revenue and organising
advertisement campaign of the outlet along with the chef and the
food and beverage manager.

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