Saturday, June 26, 2010


Buffet Cloths
For a buffet table, the minimum size of the tablecloth required
is 2 m x 4 m.

Trolley Cloths and Sideboard Cloths
These are usually made from tablecloths well worn and not
suitable for use on tables, mended by the housekeeping department
and folded to fit a sideboard or trolley.

Waiter’s Cloths or Service Cloths
A service cloth is a very important part of service equipment
as well as being part of the food server’s uniform. It must be kept
clean and ironed at all times and only used as a service cloth for
certain activities such as:
· Carrying hot plates
· Final polishing of plates
· Wiping small spills
· Brushing crumbs onto a service plate
· Wiping the undersides of the plates before placing plates
on the table.
Service cloths are also used by every waiter as protection
against heat and to keep uniforms clean.

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