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The operating equipments used in hotels / restaurants play
an important role in attracting customers. The restaurant operating
equipments include service equipments, furnitures, fixtures and linen
all of which squarely reflects the standard and style of the restaurant.
The atmosphere of a restaurant is largely affected by the kind of
furniture used.
The furniture should be utilitarian and elegant to look at. Very
often by using different materials, designs and finishes and by
careful arrangement, one can change the atmosphere and
appearance of the food service area to suit different occasions.

Elegant and attractive serviceware, colourful and clean
dishes, quality plates and glassware add to the decor of a restaurant.
However, several factors have to be considered while selecting the
· Standard of the restaurant
· Types of service
· D├ęcor and theme of the restaurant
· Type of clientele
· Durability of equipment
· Ease of maintenance
· Availability when stocks runout for replacement
· Storage
· Flexibility of use
· Price factors
· Standardization
A hotel / restaurant should be well stocked with appropriate
equipment to provide quality service. For multipurpose use and to
cut down costs, most hotels / restaurants standardise equipment in
terms of size and colour.
Food and beverage service equipment may be divided into
glassware, chinaware and tableware which are further subdivided
into flatware, cutlery and hollowware.

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