Saturday, June 26, 2010


The side station is also called the dummy waiter or service
console. This is a very important piece of furniture in a restaurant. It
is used by the service staff for keeping all the service equipment at
one place. It is also used as a landing table for the dishes picked up
from the kitchen enroute to the table and the dirty dishes from the
guest's table to the wash-up area. For the convenience of the service
staff, the side station should be strategically located in a restaurant.
The side station should be kept clean and presentable as it can be
seen by the guests.

The following service equipment can be stored in a side
Wine chiller and stand
Coffee pots 
Ice buckets and tongs
Finger bowls 
Cruet sets 
Sugar bowl and tongs
Soup ladles 
Butter dishes 
Bottle and wine openers
Cigar cutters 
Bread baskets 
Bud vases
Candle holders 
Wine cradle 
Toothpick stand
Straw stand 
Pot holders 
Drip bowls

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