Wednesday, July 14, 2010


At the service time especially, the wash-up area is one of the
busiest sections. It must be correctly sited to allow a smooth flow of
work, promoting a fast turnover and efficient service. There are two
methods of washing:
1. The tank method: Using this method, the items are washed in
a sink of hot water containing detergent and then placed into
racks and dipped into another sink. This second sink is known
as sterilising tank; the water temperature is very high, at
approximately 75°C. The items are left in here for few minutes
then lifted out. As the water is so hot, the items especially the
crockery, will air dry, making this a more hygienic method (no
cloths are needed). The crockery can then be stacked and put
away as required.
2. The machine method: In principle, the machine method is no
different from the tank method, except that the whole system is
automated and therefore labour saving.

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