Thursday, August 19, 2010


Table setting is an art. A meal however simple or elaborate,
the laying of a table can make a whole lot of difference. Each meal
can have a classy look with a little touch of thought. A basic table
setting, suitable for breakfast should be arranged as follows:

· A plate placed in the center (allow at least 24 inches for each
place setting)
· A bread and butter plate placed at the top left of the plate
· A soup / salad bowl can be placed on top of the plate (as
· A fork placed on the direct left of the plate
· A knife and soup spoon placed on the direct right of the plate
(the cutting edge of the knife should face the plate)
· A napkin folded to the left of the fork
· A drinking glass placed directly above the spoon and knife
· A coffee / tea cup and saucer to the right of the drinking glass

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