Saturday, August 14, 2010


The basic technique is the same as carrying two plates from
above. After picking up the first plate, arrange the flatware on it. The
handle of the first fork is under your thumb. This will secure the
remaining flatware. Then slide the knife in at a right angle under the
fork. Now pick up the second plate with the flatware, and place the
flatware on the first plate, fork beneath the thumb and knife below.
The remaining plates are stacked on the second plate, while the
flatware is arranged on the first plate. In an elegant service, no more
than four plates are cleared at one time. Small food remnants on the
plates can be pushed to the lower plate; be sure to turn away from
the guest when doing this. When the plates contain a lot of leftovers,
they must be scraped away from the table. Clear only two plates at a
time and sortout in the waiter’s pantry.

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