Thursday, August 5, 2010


Service is a term that is used to describe the manner and
method in which food is served to guests in foodservice operations.
In former times, this often constituted an elaborate and convulated
protocol, much of which is no longer in vogue, notwithstanding that
some technical terms are still in use today.
When food is placed directly on plates and served to guests
at the table, this is referred to as service a lassiette. When guests
serve themselves from the dish on the table with serving spoons, this
is referred to a service a la francaise. When the waiter places the
food on the diner’s plate this is referred to as service in the a la
anglaise s t yle. In service a la russe, which is also known as au
gueridon, the dish is first offered to guest for viewing or approval,
and then food is served onto the diner’s plate at a pedestal table or
gueridon, which is located close to or besides the dinning table.

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