Thursday, August 5, 2010


French service differs from others in that all food is served
from the gueridon. This is a rolling cart the same height as the
guest's table. The gueridon is covered with a cloth and is placed
side-by-side with the table. It is equipped with a small alcohol stove,
or rechaud, that is used to keep the food warm for the preparation of
sauces, crepes suzette, jubilee and other special dishes. This
service is very elaborate and elegant. The food is partially prepared
in the kitchen and completed by the Chef or Headwaiter in full view
of the customer. Service of this type requires not only technical
expertise on food preparation but also a good showmanship. The
Chef carries out certain activities like carving meats, preparing
flambe, etc. with flair and showmanship.

1. The guest s given personalized attention making him feel
2. It makes the guest feel that he is receiving a royal treatment.
3. Th service is elegant and entertaining.
4. It commands higher price than other forms of service (pay for
the service).

1. It is a slow service.
2. It is expensive because it requires large professional staff.
3. It requires a bigger dining room space to make service and
food preparation convenient.

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