Thursday, August 5, 2010


This type of service is the same as that of French service.
However, in Russian service, the food is fully prepared and pre-cut in
the kitchen and then neatly arranged on silver platters by the Chef.
The waiter then shows the platter to the guest as a polite gesture
and serves the food to the individual plates of the guests using
serving cutleries.

1. Only one waiter is needed to each station.
2. Elegant and entertaining.
3. No extra space is needed for the equipment (except for the
side stand).
4. It guarantees equal portions because the food is pre-cut and
already served.
5. Gives the guests personal attention.

1. It requires a big initial investment in silver equipment.
2. If many guests are served from one platter, the last one to be
served may see a rather less attractive display.
3. If every guest in a party orders a different dish like steak or
fish, the waiter must carry very heavily loaded tray / trays to
the dining room.

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