Thursday, August 5, 2010


There are many things a server must attend to to become
fully efficient. Here are a few tips a server can use to take
1. Serve hot food hot, on heated dishes.
2. Serve cold food chilled, on cold dishes.
3. Inquire how food is to be cooked:
a. Eggs - fried or boiled, scrambled etc...
b. Steak - rare, medium, or well done etc...
c. Toast - buttered or dry
4. Refill water glasses whenever necessary during the
5. Refill coffee. Customer will let you know if they've had
6. Place silver necessary for a course just prior to serving:
a. Soup spoon on extreme right of teaspoons.
b. Cocktail fork to right of soup spoon.
7. Offer crackers, bread, other accompaniments with
appetizers or soups.
8. Provide iced teaspoons for ice drinks, straws with
appropriate beverages.

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