Friday, March 18, 2011

IPad Wine Menu Offers Restaurants Affordable Way to Increase Wine Sales and New Customers

Uncorkd enables restaurants to have their own iPad wine menu with a quick and easy web-based platform. Now, restaurants small and large can have an electronic wine menu that wows diners with a personal sommelier on the table.

Uncorkd is a new solution for restaurants, hotels and nightclubs to create their very own wine list on an iPad tablet. Over the last year, dozens of America’s top restaurants have been spending big bucks for custom-made iPad applications for their wine list to a great reception from their customers. Restaurants that have switched from paper menus to iPad wine menus have seen wine sales increase as much as 20%

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  1. Great for wine list!!! in my restaurant I have iPads replacing my wine menu. It works great because my customers can see the wine’s label and can search wine by any parameter they choose. All data is shown in a table and it’s very easy to compare different wines and choose the best one for your clients. This app is made by a company named Conceptic, the eMenu PRO application is very intuitive and easy to use- even if you never touched an iPad before. or


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