Monday, January 5, 2015

Some of the less common spirits

By the word other sprits or less common /known spirits, we mean the various spirits produced in the different countries. There are around 400-600 varieties.

Some of them are:
Aquavit -- literally mean water of life. It’s made in Scandinavian countries from potatoes or grains flavored with Caraway seeds, orange peel cardamom &herbs.

Arrack / Raki: The word arrack comes from Arabic word which means juice or sweet It is called Raki in Turkey. It is popular spirit made from the sap of a tree

Calvados:  is a spirit made from apples or pears in Normandy. Calvados is the name of district in Normandy.  Apple jack is similar apple brandy made in USA.

Grappa / Marc: Grappa is a kind of Italian brandy made from the residue of Grape skin. The fine Brand of Grappa is Negroni (Grappa Bianca)
        There is a French equivalent of grappa is also made from dried grape skins pulp & seeds the Marc

Karpi: is a fruit Brandy made from Cranberry in Finland.

Kirsch: The colorless spirit made in Black forest area in Germany, Austria & Switzerland & also in the region of Alsace

Framboie: Raspberry brandy from France.

Poire Williams This spirit is made from distillation of fermented Pears & is colorless. French, Swiss, usually makes it. & German

Pastis: French aniseed flavoured spirit, which turns milky with water. The most famous brands are Ricard & Pernod.

Ouzo: It is most popular Greek colorless spirit .It is made with Grapes

Feni : is obtained from Cashew nuts or Palm or Coconut .It comes from Western region of India ,Goa .
                Besides Feni there are many Indian drinks like Mahua, it’s produced from Mahua flowers. Tari is usually made from the sap of stem of Date palm tree.

Pulque : A Mexican drink obtained from Mezcal. It has a flavour similar to the sour milk & has to be consumed fast .

Quetsch: It’s colorless spirit from plums made in Germany & France.

Sake: The Traditional Japanese rice wine not distilled but fermented. After fermentation Sake is allowed to mature for one year before bottling. It should be drunk young.

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