Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Chef Sanjev Kapoor creates dessert using 100k gold on PM’s trip to UAE

According to a report in The Economic Times by Masoom Gupte, on Prime Minister Modi’s recent trip to UAE, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor was handed the mandate to whip up a few exotic dishes. Taking inspiration from the golden interiors of the hotel that Modi was staying at, The Emirates Palace Hotel, Kapoor created the dessert, a 100-karat gold amarkhand. Kapoor zeroed in on shrikhand, a milk-based dessert, and added his own spin to it. He added the soft mango candy, coated with a gold leaf. There was a garnish of gold dust and flakes. The blanched pistachios covered with gold dust served as tiny gold pebbles. Made of four 24-karat gold elements, the dessert had a total of 96 – karat gold on the plate, said Sanjeev Kapoor. (Source : The Economic Times)

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