Wednesday, September 2, 2015

RoomsTonite expands booking window for up to 3 days

RoomsTonite, hotel booking app has announced the expansion of its booking window by an another day, enabling customers to check-in for day after tomorrow too. RoomsTonite has released an updated version of its Android app (V 3.7) that enables its users to book hotels for the same day, next day and day after tomorrow. Prior to this, the company was offering last minute hotel booking for same day and next day only. Currently, this additional booking window will be available only on Android.
Karthick Prabu, chief product officer, RoomsTonite said, “This booking window expansion is a boon for customers, because now they get to book a hotel for day after tomorrow too, but at the same steal deal. Based on demand from our users, we observed that many of them wanted an extended booking window.”
Some other cool features in the updated app version include, options to filter hotels by price. For customer who have a budget in mind. RoomsTonite recently introduced some features on its Android app that enables customers to see hotels by its classification – luxury, premium, and comfort, introduction of hotel reviews and launch of Hotels on Map, which enables users to see hotels in a destination on GPS-based map.

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