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Types of Services

Types of Service

Silver Service or Platter-to- Plate Service: This type of service is used in fine dining restaurants and sophisticated night clubs. In this type of service the food is put into a dish and appropriately garnished by the chef. The steward then presents the dish to the guest. After the guest’s approval, the steward proceeds to serve the food from the dish onto the guest’s plate using a service spoon and fork.

American Service or Pre-Plated Service: This as the name suggests is pre-plated service wherein the food is portioned and arranged in the plate by the chef in the kitchen. The steward brings the plated food and places it on the table in front of the guest. This type of service is usually carried out in a coffee shop, where the atmosphere is informal.

Buffet Service: This type of service is used in restaurants and banquets where a large number of guests have to be catered to at one time. It is mainly self-service where a variety of dishes are displayed on a large table and there are only a few service staff stationed behind the table in order to assist the guest, if needed. The guest helps himself to a plate and cutlery which is placed at one end of the buffet table. The guest then proceeds to help himself to the food or requests the service staff to assist him. The guest then returns to his table to sit down and eat.

English Service: In this form of service the food is brought from the kitchen in dishes by the steward and presented to the host for his approval. After the approval is obtained the steward places the dishes on the table. The host then portions out the food and serves it to his guests.

French Service: This service involves minimal use of the steward’s skills. The steward brings the food in dishes from the kitchen and places the dishes on the table. He then places the plates on the table next to the dishes. The guests then proceed to help themselves.

Grill Room Service: This form of service calls for the food, mainly meats and poultry, to be grilled in front of the guest. The meats or poultry are displayed and grilled behind a glass partition, so that the guest can select his choice of cut and watch it being cooked. The food is then pre-plated from the kitchen and sent to the guest.

Room Service: This is a unique type of service where a guest places his order for food and beverage, on the telephone. The steward/waiter then delivers the food to the guest in his room and ensures that the guest settles the bill. No actual service of food and beverage is done by the steward/waiter unless requested for by the guest.

Gueridon Service: This is a service where a single dish or a complete meal is cooked at the guest’s table in the restaurant. Generally, the dish is partially cooked in the kitchen and the process is completed at the table. The cooking is done on a Gueridon trolley which is a mobile trolley with a portable gas cylinder, gas burner and other essential equipment. The steward exhibits a lot of showmanship and dexterity, as he has to carve, flambĂ© and prepare food in the presence of all the guests in the restaurant.

Snack-bar Service or Counter Service: In this service, tall stools are placed at a counter, and covers are laid on the counter, so that guests can eat their food at the counter itself. The guest can choose from food items listed on the menu card.

Cafeteria Service: All hotels have cafeterias for staff where this type of food service is carried out. The food is displayed behind the counter. The staff member indicates his choice to the counter attendant. The food is then served pre-plated and the cutlery is handed over to the staff. The staff may then sit at the tables provided for eating.

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