Monday, October 12, 2009


Beer should be served at a temperature of 8°-12°C, with lagers generally cooler than other beers. Many different varieties of beers are also served chilled. Also draught beer on its route from the Keg/Cask to the pump often passes through a chilling unit. Draught beers should have a small head on them, and the bar person should ensure that he/she serves the correct quantity of beer with a small head and not a large head to make up the quantity required.
When pouring bottled beer, it should be poured down the inside of the glass which is held at a slight angle. It should be poured slowly. This is specially important where a beer works a lot and many produce a large head quickly if it is not poured slowly and carefully. Such beers are Guinness and Stouts.
All glasses used should be spotlessly clean with no finger marks, grease or lipstick on them. Pouring beer into a dirty glass will cause it to go flat very quickly. Where bottles have a sediment, when pouring, a little beer must be left in the base of the bottle holding the sediment back.

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