Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Food is the sustainer of life regardless of whether they belong
to animal kingdom or plant kingdom. All living beings consume food
as they come in nature. Subsequently they may convert the raw
natural food into usable form on their own. This transformation never
involves the art and science of coking, which is a speciality of human
beings alone.
Importance of food for the human beings is amply, accurately
and appropriately stated in the following age old sayings: “hungry
man is an angry man” and “even the army marches on stomach”
where stomach implies food Employment of largest number of
people in the world in general terms (at home) and in commercial
terms (catering) is in food preparation and servicing. Roughly half
the world population (women) is actively engaged in the art and
science of food production and then alone comes reproduction.
Food production, simply stated, is the transformation of raw
food material into palatable, appetizing and easily palatable tasty
food. Unlike all other living organisms, man has to “buy” food by
paying money. Where does the money come from? It comes only
from industries. Any industry in the world has the primary objective of
making money. Money so generated by the industrial activity is
shared between the employer and the employee, however
disproportionate it may be. Money so shared is used to take care of
the three important objectives: food, clothing and residence.
Whatever left after meeting these primary objectives may go towards
acquiring wealth.
As clearly stated above, food is the very basis of existence or
survival. To buy food, man needs money. The money comes or must
come from industries, all of which have the primary objective of
making money and share with those who help generate it. Since the
raw food needs to be transformed into palatable food fit for
consumption which is achieved, as already stated, through general
cooking (household) or commercial cooking (catering). Therefore,
there is no industry in the world which is not directly or indirectly, one
way or the other, related to the food (catering) industry. Commercial
food industry or the catering industry is the only industry that
provides food, at a price, away from home. Various types of catering
services available would include general or speciality services such
as transport catering, welfare catering, industrial catering, etc.

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