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The duties of waiting staff include preparing tables (table
setting) for a meal, taking customers' orders, serving drinks and
food, and cleaning up before, during and after servings in a
restaurant. He must have knowledge of proper rules of etiquette in
order to furnish working service in either a formal or informal sitting.
Other task of a waiter includes:
1. Reports to Senior Captain / Captain to receive necessary
instruction for the shift and for any menu changes.
2. Has to attend briefings conducted by senior captain.
3. Sets the assigned tables and ensures that the services
area too is well-stocked with linen, silver, glassware,
china etc. Sets up any special displays that be used for
the meal period.
4. Greets guests and sometimes assists the host/ hostess in
seating guest. Fills water glasses, serves butter,
cocktails, answers questions about menu items and
makes suggestions about dishes and wine if the customer
requests or desires.
5. Takes orders on check, turns or gives over with
specification the order to the cooks with consideration to
the timing of the preceding courses. Picks up all food and
all other required items from various stations.
6. May carve meats, bone fish and prepare flaming dishes
or desserts at guest’s table. He may assist Senior
Captain for the same.
7. May serve guests from plates to the guest’s table.
8. Other tasks to be performed as determined by
establishment from time to time.
9. Replenishes wine, water, butter, and bread as and when
10. Observes the guests in order to anticipate any additional
request and to perceive when the meal has been
11. After all the guests have finished each course and before
the next one is served, the waiter/ waitress should
remove all soiled dishes or ensure that the assistant
stewatard does it.
12. When guests have finished the meal, the table is cleared
and reset and ready for the next customer.
13. Performs other tasks as directed by the supervisor.
Depending on the restaurant, other less common duties may
be required, such as singing birthday songs to customers who are
celebrating a birthday. A theme restaurant may even require staff to
dance (e.g. Joe's Crab Shack). There are now event caterers that
outsource waiting staff to events and specific functions. Silver
service staffs are specially trained to serve at banquets or high-end
restaurants. They follow specific rules of service and it is a skilled /
specialized job. They generally wear black and white with a long,
white apron (extending from the waist to ankle).

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