Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Mise-en-scene, the French term means to prepare the
environment of the outlet before service in order to make it pleasant,
comfortable, safe and hygeinic. Before each service session, the
restaurant should be made presentable enough to receive t h e
guests. The supervisor or team of waiters should ensure the
following mise-en-scene:
· Carpets are well brushed or hovered.
· All tables and chairs are serviceable.
· Table lights or wall lights have functioning bulbs.
· Menu cards are presentable and attractive.
· Tent carts or other sales material are presentable.
· Doors and windows are thrown open for sometime to air
the restaurant. This should be followed by closing the

windows and doors and setting the air-conditioning or
heating to a comfortable temperature.
· Exchange dirty linen for fresh linen.
· Table cloths and mats are laid on the tables.
· Replace wilted flowers with fresh flowers.

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