Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Mise-en-place, the French term means to “putting in place” is
attributed to the preparation of a work place for ultimate smooth
service. It is widely used in the food and beverage service
department in everyday hotel operations. Before service
commences, the staff should ensure that the station is in total
readiness to receive guests. A station comprises of a given number
of tables which are attended by a given team of waiters. Thus a
restaurant may have several stations, each with a team of waiters. In
a large restaurant, each station may be headed by a Chef-de-rang.
Mise-en-place involves:
· Side stations should be stacked with sufficient covers for
resetting the restaurant after the first sitting is over. Extra
linen, crockery, cutlery, glassware and ashtrays should
be kept handy so that they are readily available for use.
· Cruet sets should be cleaned and filled on a daily basis.
· Sauce bottles should be filled and the necks and tops of
the bottles wiped clean.
· Butter, condiments and accompaniments for service
should be kept ready for use when needed.

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