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Agnès et Marcel Durand Red Wine
strong rubyred color, fruity, light menthol smell, fine tannins, full body
  Agnès et Marcel Durand  Beaujolais-Villages

 Aimée-Claude Bonnetain Red Wine
blue red color, scent of red fruit and spices, well structured, balanced, fruity, long, typical, ...
  Aimée-Claude Bonnetain  Côte de Brouilly

 Alain Chatoux Vieilles vignes Red Wine
clar, dark orange red color, notable scent of red fruit with alcoholic notes, aromas of currant j...
  Alain Chatoux  

 Alain Michaud Red Wine
delicious, deep orange-red color with bright red reflexes, smells of faded roases, spices, coffee...
  Alain Michaud  Brouilly

 André Depardon La Madone Red Wine
dark red color, intense raspberry scent, full, fine, balanced, long flavor, rounded
  André Depardon  Fleurie

 André Méziat Red Wine
clear, intense red color, strong scent of vineyard peaches and cherries, full-bodied, rich, soft,...
  André et Monique Méziat  Chiroubles

 Belvedere des pierres dorées White Wine
shining yellow color, complex scent of rhubarb, and strawberries, lively, open, good composition
  Cave coop. Beaujolaise  

 Bernard Broyer Red Wine
deep ruby red color with purple reflexes, expressive scent with citrusfruit, red fruit, and spice...
  Bernard Broyer  Juliénas

 Bernard Jomain Red Wine
intense red color, almost blue, elegant nuances of black currants, strong, rustic
  Bernard Jomain  Brouilly

 Bernard Lavis Red Wine
intense ruby-red color, smells of fresh red fruit, plants, clear, rounded, soft flavor, full
  Bernard Lavis  Beaujolais-Villages

 Bernard Pichet Red Wine
orange-red color, hints of blossoms and raspberries, youthful, plant aromas, balanced
  Bernard Pichet  Chiroubles

 Bernard Santé Red Wine
delicious orange-red color, strong, concentrated scent of licorice and flowers, very soft, sweet,...
  Bernard Santé  Chénas

 Cave Beaujolaise de Quincié Red Wine
shining, clear, pepper-flowery scent, hints of very ripe grapes, open personality, rounded, long ...
  Cave Beaujolaise de Quincié  Régnié

 Cave de Ponchon Red Wine
clear, lively, fruity flavor, well structured, harmonious, pretty
  Florent Dufour  Régnié

Cave de Saint-Vérand Cuvée réservée Vieilles vignes Red Wine
blue-red color, intense scent of red frui and spring roses, noble, clear, spicy notes, pleasant, ...
  Cave Beaujolaise de Saint-Vérand  

Cave des Vignerons de Bel-Air Red Wine
strong red color, pretty scent of black currants and tobacco, soft flavor with aromas of very rip...
  Cave des Vignerons de Bel-Air  Morgon

 Cave des Vignerons de Liergues Rosé Wine
pretty, clear color with hints of autmn, pleasant scent of red currants and quinces, lively, soft...
  Cave des Vignerons de Liergues  

Cave du Beau Vallon Au pays des pierres dorées Red Wine
blue-red color, alcoholic-fruity scent of black currants and spices, full, rounded, aromas of sto...
  Cave du Beau Vallon  

 Cave du Bois de La Salle Red Wine
clear, sparkling, smells of red currants and raspberries, well balanced, fresh, long, lively tann...
  Cave du Château du Bois de La Salle  Saint-Amour

Cave Jean-Ernest Descombes Red Wine
shining, tempting ruby-red color, intense scent of red fruit and spices, hints of roasted coffee ...
  Cave Jean-Ernest Descombes  Morgon

Cédric Martin White Wine
golden color, copper tone, free scent with cloves, gingerbread, and flowers, elegant apricot nuan...
  Martin Cédric  

Cellier de la Vieille Eglise Red Wine
deep ruby-red color, shimmers amber, bouquet of underwood and spicy fruit, lively, somewhat flesh...
  Cellier de la Vieille Eglise  Juliénas

Château Bonnet Elevé en fût de chêne Vieilles vignes Red Wine
blue-red color, lovely oak hints, vanilla, open
  Pierre Perrachon  Chénas

Château de Belleverne Red Wine
ruby-red color, smells of flowers and red fruit, sharp tannins, balanced
  Sylvie Bataillard  Saint-Amour

Château de Belleverne Red Wine
dark orange-red color, purple reflexes, complex, fine smell of raisins, flintstone, and red fruit...
  Bataillard Père et Fils  Chénas

Château de Chénas Red Wine
medium orange-red color, nuances of black currants and spring roses, warm, soft, well balanced, p...
  Cave Château de Chénas  Chénas

Château de la Prat Red Wine
strong red color, complex, elegant scent of very ripe grapes with mineral, strong, lively, pretty
  Aujoux  Juliénas

Château de Leynes White Wine
golden-yellow color, smells like the vine, good character, soft, harmonious
  Jean Bernard  

Château de Pizay Red Wine
deep orange red color, pretty aromas of red fruit, fine, clear, rich, balanced, delicious, enchan...
  SCEA Domaine Château de Pizay  

Château de Raousset Red Wine
intense ruby-red color with purple reflexes, fine, expressive scent of strawberries and currants,...
  SCEA des Héritiers du Compte de Raousset  Chiroubles

Château de Raousset Red Wine
intense red color, fruity scent, pleasant personality, strong, lasting
  Château de Raousset  Morgon

Château de Vaux Cuvée traditionnelle Red Wine
light ruby-red color, crystal clear reflexes, very pretty scent of fresh grapes, elegant, harmoni...
  Jacques et Marie-Ange de Vermont  Beaujolais-Villages

Château des Boccards Red Wine
intense orange red color, scent of overripe fruit, hunt-, and pepper hins, long lasting, soft, ro...
  James Pelloux  Chénas

Château des Jacques Clos du Grand Carquelin Red Wine
shining orange-red color, strong, wood scent, fruity nuances, hints of roasted coffee, oak wood, ...
  Château des Jacques  Moulin-À-Vent

Château des Ravatys Cuvée Mathilde Courbe Red Wine
light red color, smells of cut wood and underwood, lively, fine, harmonious, long lasting
  Institut Pasteur  Côte de Brouilly

Château du Bluizard Red Wine
intense red color, smells of sour cherries and raspberries, full, well structured, cherry aromas
  SCE des Domaines Saint-Charles  Brouilly

Château du Bourg Cuvée Réserve Red Wine
dark ruby red color, intense, fruity scent, soft, fleshy, aroma of red fruit, pleasant, balanced,...
  GAEC Georges Matray et Fils  Fleurie

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