Friday, March 29, 2019

Proost69 Beer launches in Delhi

Grano69 Beverages has announced the launch of its beer offering, the Proost69 White Ale in September followed by Proost69 Mild Lager in December. The brand has set its foot in Delhi with outlets like 100% Rock, Warehouse Café, The Beer Café, The Lord of the Drinks and more.  

The first two variants introduced by Proost69 are the Proost69 White Ale and Proost69 Mild Lager. The company is introducing Proost69 Weizen Beer and Proost69 Strong Lager. 

Tarun Bhargava, The Co-founder and director of Proost69, said “We, at Proost69, are excited to announce the launch of a beer with a taste so elite yet affordable filled with freshness and uniqueness. With our focus on providing and maintaining the top-notch quality, our flavour balances are just enough to create magic. All that goodness with supreme European craftsmanship is a level-up in itself.” said Bhargava.

Proost 69 White Ale and Mild Lager available in Delhi are priced at INR 170 per pint and at INR 150 for a 500ML can.


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