Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Facility Planning - Principles of Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the heart of any foodservice business.
Like a human heart, its job is to pump and circulate life, in the form of food, through the rest of the operation. Therefore, kitchen placement affects the quality of the food, the number of people who can dine at any particular time of day, the roles and workload of the kitchen employees and servers, utility costs, and even the atmosphere of the front-of-house space.

Design refers to overall space planning; it defines the size, shape, style, and decoration of space and equipment in the kitchen.
Layout is the detailed arrangement of the kitchen floor and workspace—where each piece of equipment will be located and where each workstation will be.

Work center is an area in which workers perform a specific task, such as tossing salads or garnishing plates. When several work centers are grouped together by nature of the work being done, the whole area is referred to as a  work section. Eg: cooking section, baking section, etc.

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