Thursday, June 17, 2010


The English writer, Wilfred Gowers-Round, wrote a number of
‘Rules for Waiters’ that he called a ‘Manifesto.’
· A waiter's job is to serve and never to impose himself.
· The goal of waiting is inconspicuous but pleasing service.
· Waiters must be clean and smart and should never wear
· Under no circumstances should a waiter ever touch a
· Wine glasses should never be filled too full.
· Unasked for advice should never be offered.
· If diners are content to pour the wine themselves, let
· Unless asked, no plates should be removed until all have
been finished.
· Women diners should be afforded respect equal to men.
· While attending to the customer, the waiter should make
sure the diner’s coffee cup / water goblet, bread basket,
butter, sugar, cream and clean ashray are kept full at all
· The bill should be placed on the table without ceremony.
· If the diner so desires, the waiter should carry the money
to the cash counter, pay the bill and return the balace to
the diner.

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