Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The service staff should check the following before service:
i) The tables and linen are clean.
ii) Tablecloths are evenly spread on the table.
iii) Chairs are dusted and properly arranged.
iv) The table set up is appropriate and pleasing.
v) The silver is polished and the china and crockery are
spotlessly clean and befitting the occasion.
vi) Cruet sets, sugar bowls and flower vases are filled
and placed on the table suitably.
vii) The floor / carpet is clean and dry.
viii) The restaurant and back area are in a state of
readiness before the service session commences.
ix) The side station is fully equipped for service and the
following should be checked:
· Condiments tray is cleaned and refilled.
· Napkins are folded and kept handy for the
particular session.
· Salvers, extra linen, cutlery and service equipment
necessary for the session are stacked up.
· Water jugs and ice buckets are filled and kept
· Coffee pots ready with freshly brewed coffee / tea.
· Sugar cubes, butter and butter plates ready.

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