Wednesday, July 14, 2010


i) When the guests arrive greet them warmly, by wishing
them the time of the day.
ii) Escort the guests to the table and seat them promptly
by pulling the chairs out to ease seating. If need be,
the table should be moved so that very little
inconvenience is caused to guests when they seat
iii) Ensure that children have high chairs and special
attention is paid to the elderly.
iv) Remove extra covers, if any.

v) Serve water and present the menu card, if the captain
is busy.
vi) If the order has to be taken, offer suggestions to the
guests on the choice of food and beverages and
repeat the final order to avoid possible errors.
vii) Do not leave the station unattended, as nothing
annoys a guest more than not being able to find a
waiter, when something is needed.
viii) If the table cloth has to be changed during service, the
table top should not be exposed. Any articles on the
table should be cleared to the side station and not
placed on chairs or on the next table. The soiled cloth
should be brushed using a service cloth and a
crumbing tray or plate.
ix) Do not neglect little things such as lighting a guest's
cigarette, responding to a request and showing
interest in the guest's needs.
x) Ensure that service is fast, efficient and pleasant.
xi) Before serving dessert, clear and crumb the table.

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